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This page contains links to various websites, forums and social media groups that provide information about the foreskin and foreskin restoration. For more information on circumcision and groups working to stop it visit our circumcision information page . All the links on this page are provided as a resource to aid in restoring. For links to sites selling foreskin restoration products see our restoration devices page.

NORM does not endorse any particular organization, product or individual listed below. These sites are not affiliated with NORM. Be aware that some links may contain graphic pictures of the male genitals that may be offensive to some.

Social Media and Discussion Forums

Facebook Foreskin Restoration Group
A well run group that provides information and support.

Foreskin Restoration on Reddit
An information site with an online discussion forum and place for men to post blogs of their restoration progress.

Foreskin Restoration Forum
One of the main online forums for discussions related to Foreskin Restoration and Intactivism. Run by Ron Low who sells the TLC-Tugger.

Foreskin Restoration on YouTube
Visit NORM’s YouTube channel for videos about foreskin restoration and subscribe to get notified when new content is added.

Web Pages

For websites or social media sites created by NORM groups around the U.S. and the world please visit our NORM locations page and go the specific state or country that is of interest to you.

Foreskin Restoration Devices and Supplies:

See our Devices page

Individual sites:

Doug’s Manual Tugging Restoration Site – Details how to use manual tugging methods (just your hands and a few minutes each day) to restore your foreskin.

Foreskin – A non-pornographic website with numerous clinical photographs of adult foreskin, along with relation information and links.

Foreskin Restoration – A good page with a foreskin restoration diary, info on the pill tube and o-ring methods and a restoration FAQ (under the “list of resources” link) – Videos, books, and devices related to restoration.

Mel’s Progress and Results – Creator of the DILE Insert restoration device this page on his website has a detailed PDF file charting his progress as well as animated pictures of his restored foreskin.

Site in French on how to T-tape is at:

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