Phimosis (a tight foreskin that cannot be retracted) is a normal condition in children.  Some males may have a non-retractable foreskin well into their teen years. If phimosis continues into adulthood and is problematic there are several treatments that can be tried before resorting to circumcision. The general technique is to use gentle stretching, often in combination with a steroid creme. Over time the skin will grow and stretch so that eventually the foreskin can be comfortably retracted.

If a medical professional has recommended circumcision for phimosis and has not given you any other options we recommend learning more, asking questions, and seeking a second opinion. We have had many men who have contacted us upset at what they have lost by being circumcised and who wish they had been provided with more information and given a choice. That said there are other men who end up choosing circumcision as the best choice for them and are happy with the choice they have made.

The following are some online resources and devices that you may find useful if you or someone you know is dealing with phimosis. The products listed for sale are to give an idea of what’s available to treat phimosis and are not an endorsement of any particular product.

Phimosis Journey Blog

One man’s blog about how he treated his phimosis without resorting to surgery.

Phimosis Forum

Phimosis Forum – Discussion forum for phimosis treatments


A series of rings designed to gradually stretch the foreskin.

Picture of phimocure rings

Novoglan – Foreskin Stretching Balloon Device

Picture of Novoglan product


Picture of the Glansie phimosis treatment devcie
The Glansie is a phimosis treatment device.
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