A Successful Restoration Regimen

Cells are ‘grown’ by mitosis, that is cell division. Research on tissue expansion generally shows that the most productive method to induce this mitosis is by cyclical tension, that is a period of applying tension and a period with no tension. It has also been determined that excessive tension can be counterproductive, perhaps by causing micro-tears in the tissue that take time to heal as opposed to moderate tension which simply induces skin growth.

Since the shaft tissue is composed of both muscle and skin an appropriate analogy is a body building regimen. One works on the upper body one day and the lower body the next to let each set of muscles have a day of rest to generate new cells and then be coaxed again the following day to grow more cells.

Therefore, one must realize that there is NO fast or instant restoration. One must work into his daily habits a regimen that will suit his lifestyle, work habits, and so forth.

A suggested regimen or routine, which has worked for many men, is to apply their preferred restoration device (or method) in the morning. Then wearing that device for four to eight hours and remove it at lunch time or after arriving home from work.

Warning! – Restoring while you are sleeping or otherwise impaired can be dangerous. If you are not fully awake and conscious you may not feel pain until irreversible damage has been done.

Foreskin restoration should NOT be painful. Do not cause or endure pain while restoring and don’t be overzealous. Take care to avoid pinching or constraining tissue which can lead to pain or poor circulation. Check regularly to be sure that the skin is a healthy color and is not being constricted or otherwise injured, especially when first starting out.

Soon after you start restoring you will probably want to keep the glans covered at all times as it will become more sensitive during restoration. This is because the nerves get closer to the surface as the dead and calloused skin that has been protecting it from rubbing against clothing and such disappears. When you have enough skin you can use a retainer for the remainder of the evening and night. This will keep the glans covered and protected from rubbing on your night clothes. It will also help retain the sub-preputial fluids to start the process of dekeratinization (sloughing off of the layers of callous tissue and return the nerve ending to the surface of the glans and inner mucosal tissue). Retainers take various forms including a tape ring, cross taping,O-rings or a Velcro strap.

This nighttime rest period will allow the shaft tissue (derma and muscle) to perform mitosis and grow additional cells.

Some restorers have advocated excessive tension for 24 hours, seven days a week. This type of regimen generally not practical nor effective. As noted above damage to the tissue and longer healing times are the result of excessive tension. In addition without rest the tissue does not have adequate time to grow. It is simply not necessary and will not speed up the process.

As an example there was a man who phoned NORM every six months from Texas and said he was not getting any skin growth. He said he was wearing 60 ounces (5 pounds!) of weight 24 hours a day seven days a week. This is an example of both excessive tension and excessive time spent using a device. We advised him to stop and use less weight for shorter periods of time.

You only have one penis, and you need to become aware of its structure and care. Please be careful and pay attention to what your body is telling you.

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