Foreskin Restoration

NORM is primarily focused on providing information on foreskin restoration, in particular non-surgical methods. On this website you will find information on techniques, methods and devices as well as answers to common questions.

All non-surgical restoration methods use the same basic principle to achieve the skin growth that eventually results in a restored foreskin. As detailed in the Lost List not all elements of the original foreskin can be restored but even so many men report significant benefits from the foreskin restoration process.

For those interested in what the future of foreskin restoration may hold there is a non-profit called Forgen that is working on using regenerative medicine to restore a man’s foreskin. This project is still in the basic research phase but has high hopes for the future. An actual human transplant is still years away and will require surgery to attach the regenerated foreskin but one day this may be an additional option for men looking to restore their foreskin.

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