Circumcision is defined as the removal of the foreskin. However the foreskin is more than just “skin” and the tissue typically removed is composed of several unique structures. NORM opposes the routine circumcision of children and minors who cannot legally consent to this procedure. It should only be performed on them if there is an immediate medical condition that cannot be resolved using a less invasive treatment. Adults are free to choose to undergo circumcision but we recommend making the decision only after fully researching the subject.

Pages on this site related to circumcision:

Anatomy of the penis and foreskin

Links to websites and organizations with information about circumcision.

Phimosis – Circumcision is often recommended to treat Phimosis (a foreskin that does not retract properly) but it is often possible to treat the condition without resorting to surgery.

Read what men circumcised as an adult think on the Circumstitions website.

NORM has written statements in response to the 1999 AAP Circumcision policy and the 2015 CDC draft policy.

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