Devices and Methods

This page contains information on choosing a foreskin restoration device or method and a table of devices and methods farther down the page.

“What device or method should I use to restore?” is a very common question among those new to foreskin restoration. There is no simple answer for any given person. Any method that puts enough consistent tension on the skin will cause new skin to grow, so much of the decision of where to start depends on your particular situation. Some good questions to ask yourself are:

  • What can I afford? (There are methods that are free to those that cost hundreds of dollars. Spending more will not necessarily cause your skin to grow faster)
  • What works with my lifestyle? (Can I wear this at work? How easy is it to put on and take off? Do I have to take it off to urinate?)
  • What method can I use on a consistent basis? (This is important as you need use a method on a near daily basis)

Think carefully and make an informed decision before buying any devices or choosing a restoration method.

Many men have completed restoration with only one device or method. However if you find you are not getting any skin growth or the device or method is uncomfortable or not working with your lifestyle then try something else. In addition some men find different devices useful at different stages of restoration.

Research on tissue expansion indicates that in order to grow new tissue (skin) one must keep the tissue under tension for consistent periods of time, 5-15 hours a day for 5-7 days a week for example. When not wearing a device, keeping the skin forward over the glans with a tape ring or retainer can speed restoration and will protect the glans while your complete your restoration.

Please Note: The list of devices and methods below is for information purposes. Any purchase or use of these methods is at the individual’s discretion. NORM does not assume any responsibility for their use. All inquiries regarding use, ordering or price should be directed to the individual manufacturer. NORM does not endorse any particular company, product or individual listed below.

This page is updated to reflect the availability of newer devices and techniques as they become available, be sure to check back or sign up for our mailing list.

Sortable and searchable table of devices and methods

(This table is sorted in a random order so as not to favor any one device or method)

Product or MethodWebsiteNotesCostPicture
(Chuck Torres)
Manual Method (using just your hands)(Doug's website)Manual Methods of Foreskin RestorationTapelessFreePair of hands palms facing up
FIT - Foreskin Inflation Toolwww.foreskin-restoration-devices.comTapeless, Air optionMediumFIT V3 Foreskin Restoration Device deviceHigh
Chris' Restoration Deviceswww.chrisonlinestore.comTapeless, Air option, Silicone, (formerly called the Hope restoration device)MediumHope Foreskin Restoration Device
Stealth Retainers
(Zac Cardinal)
CAT II Q Stretchercatstretcher.comTapelessMedium
Foreskinnedforeskinned.comTapeless, Air or WeightedHigh
TLC Tugger
(Ron Low)
ManHoodmanhoodcanada.comDoes not grow skin but will protect the glans and can restore some sensitivityLow
T-TapeMultiple websitesTape method, DIYVariesAssembled T-Tape ready to be applied

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