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To help us understand what it is we are going to be stretching and expanding, let's first take a look at the structure of the penis in detail.

The Structure of the Penile Sheath

The layers of the penis from the outside in are the:

1. epidermis
2. dermis
3. Superficial fascia [a.k.a. loose areolar [small pigmented circular layer] (loose connective tissue connected to the dermis which enables the extraordinary mobility of the penile skin -- which is also intimately connected with the Dartos-Peripenic muscle layer and most superficial veins).
4. Fascia penis (condensed connective tissue which surrounds both the corpora cavernosa and corpora spongiosum, separates the superficial veins from the deep veins, joins the tunica albuginea [a strong very elastic, white fibrous coat, forming a sheath] at the sulcus).
5. Tunica albuginea (very dense connective tissue that is almost pure collagen, surrounds each corpus cavernosum penis and therefore also forms the median septum, provides strength against over-inflation [e.g. re-enforced garden hose] and therefore determines maximum penile size).
6. From there in, it is the erectile core, the corpus cavernosa penis. ( see "The Frenular Delta" by Ken McGrath, 1997)

A Logical and Successful Restoration Regimen

Cells are 'grown' by mitosis, that is cell division. In recent research on tissue expansion it has been determined that cyclical tension is the most productive. It has also been determined that excessive tension does more damage than moderate tension and therefore tissue that has been overly tensioned will take longer to 'heal'.

Since the shaft tissue is both muscle and skin an appropriate analogy is a body building regimen. One works on the upper body one day and the lower body the next to let each set of muscles have a day of rest to generate new cells and then be coaxed again the following day to grow more cells.

Therefore, one must realize that there is NO fast or instant restoration. One must work into his daily habits a regimen that will suit his lifestyle and work habits, etc. One only needs to coax the tissue to think that it has to cover the longest penis in the world.

A suggested regimen, (which has worked for me and many others, and has been quite successful) is apply weights/elastics in the process of getting ready for work. Then wearing them from four to eight hours and removing them after arriving home from work. Or taking them off at noon time. Restoring while you are sleeping can be dangerous! When you are asleep you may not feel pain until irreversible damage has been done.

It is important to observe the following cautions: Don't cause or endure pain. Don't be overzealous. Don't cause constriction which may cause pain or cause the tissue to change color. Use the color change pressure test for blood circulation. (pp 142,143, The Joy of Uncircumcising, Bigelow, 1998)]

Soon after you start restoring you will probably want to keep the glans covered at all times as it will become more sensitive during restoration. This is because the nerves get closer to the surface as the dead and calloused skin that has been protecting it from rubbing against clothing and such disappears . When you achieve some longer tissue you can use a retainer for the remainder of the evening and night. This will keep the glans covered and protected from rubbing on your night clothes. It will also help retain the sub-preputial fluids to start the process of dekeratinization, (sloughing off of the layers of callous tissue and return the nerve ending to the surface of the glans and inner mucosal tissue. This might be a tape ring or cris cross taping or use of an O ring or Velcro strap.

This nighttime rest period will allow the shaft tissue (derma and muscle) to perform mitosis and grow additional cells.

Some restorers have advocated excessive tension for 24 hours, seven days a week. This type of regimen just does not work well for most of us as we have other things to do with our genitals like sex, bathing, rest and other fun things. As noted above damage to the tissue and much longer healing time are the result of excessive tension. As well it is simply not necessary and will not speed up the process.

An aside - - a fellow phoned me every six months from Texas, and said he was not getting any longer foreskin tissue. He said he was wearing 60 ounces of weight 24 hours a day seven days a week. I said, no wonder, your tissue is rebelling against the damage you are doing to the shaft tissue so stop it.

You only have one penis, and you need to become aware of its structure and its care. Please be careful, be aware of what it is telling you about your efforts to restore its covering.

Written by R. Wayne Griffiths, M.S., M.Ed.
NORM Co-founder

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