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NORM Survey on Circumcision
and Foreskin Restoration


Please complete all the questions that apply to you. All responses are anonymous. 

1) How old are you? 

(Enter a two digit number, for example "35")

2) At what age where you circumcised?  ('not circumcised' is also one of the choices)

3) Are you happy that you are circumcised?

Yes  No  Neutral - Don't care one way or the other

4)  How do you feel that being circumcised has affected your sex life?

Positive effect on sex, has improved sex, more sensation

Neutral, no effect on my sex life

Negative effect on sex and/or loss of sensation

5) Has being circumcised made you feel: (make one choice for each line)

Superior Inferior Neither Superior or Inferior
More Masculine Less Masculine Neither More or Less Masculine
More Attractive Less Attractive Neither More or Less Attractive
Admired Object of Ridicule Neither Ridiculed or Admired
More Confident Less Confident No Effect on Confidence
Proud Embarrassed Neither Proud or Embarrassed

6) When you discovered that there were males who were not circumcised, what feelings arose? 

Check all that apply:

Envy Anger and/or rage
Curiosity Loss, Feelings of sadness
Admiration Neutral, no reaction

7) Are you envious or jealous of men who are intact (not circumcised)?

Yes  No

8) What year did you find out about foreskin restoration?

9) Where did you first hear about foreskin restoration?

10) What did you do when you found out about foreskin restoration?

If you have started restoring your foreskin please answer the following questions:

11) How long have you been restoring your foreskin?

12) What results have you had so far? (Skin growth and/or increased sensitivity)

13) How do you feel after regaining your foreskin ( or attempting to) ?  (check one on each line)

Natural/Whole Freakish Neither
Satisfied Dissatisfied Neither
More Attractive Less Attractive Neither More or Less Attractive
Object of Envy Object of Ridicule Neither Ridiculed or Admired
Self Assured Self Conscious Neither

14) Have you consulted a physician, doctor, psychologist, or  regarding your restoration?

Yes  No

If "Yes" then answer 14b, 14c, and 14d

    14a) What type of health professional did you consult?


    14b) How did  the doctor respond?

Sensitivity, Compassion, Interested, and Supportive
Indifferent, Didn't care
Ridicule, Suggested it was a psychological issue

    14c) Was the doctor aware of foreskin restoration before you mentioned it?

Yes  No

15) If you have a spouse or partner, what are their feelings/reactions about your interest/participation in a restoration regimen/program? (Check one)

Very supportive, excited, encouraging, suggested restoration
Supportive, curious
Indifferent, neutral, didnt care one way or the other
Unsupportive, preferred you didnt restore
Very negative, ridicule, put downs, threatened you if you restored


The following  questions are optional and are for demographic and background information

What race or geographic region do you most identify with:

What State (or Country if born outside the U.S.) where you circumcised in?

Choose a state     

OR if a country other than the U.S. please type your answer into the box

Of the major world religions which of the following most closely matches your family's religious background or affiliation?

Did your family's religion play a role in your being circumcised?

Yes  No  Not sure or doesn't apply

Finally, you may enter any further information, comments, or clarifications to the questions in this survey, that you would like to provide, in the box below. 

If you would have specific questions you want answered or want more information please e-mail OR include your e-mail in the box below.

E-Mail address: (optional) 


If you would like to tell your story regarding circumcision and/or restoration either for posting on the NORM website or for an upcoming book on men's (and their partner's) experiences of foreskin restoration please send it to 

Please click the submit button only one time. It may take a few moments for the survey to be submitted.