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"The Joy of  Uncircumcising" is now available online!

Read the reviews below.

You can get the book as either an Adobe eBook that can be viewed on your computer or as a softcover paperback.

To purchase the book online, click on the "buy now" button below to be taken to the secure Paypal order page and pay with your Paypal account or a credit card. If you wish to pay by check the instructions are below. The cost is $10 for the eBook and $25 for the printed copy (includes shipping via first class mail to U.S. addresses).  After paying you will be taken to a page where you can download the book, if buying the eBook. The eBook is for personal use only - the book is still copyrighted and may not be distributed in any form.

Buy the PDF eBook ($10 – Instant download, a link will be provided after payment, file size ~2.5MB)

Buy the printed book ($25 – Includes shipping to the United States)

Buy the printed book ($40 – Includes shipping to anywhere in the world)

To buy the printed book through click the button in the box below.

The eBook requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or higher, if you do not have this get it here:

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If you wish to pay by check or money order you may send a check for:

$10 - for the online, downloadable version, please include your e-mail address
$14 - for the eBook on a CD mailed to you (please include your mailing address)
$25 - Printed softcover copy of the book, shipped first class, (please include your mailing address)


National Organization of Restoring Men, Inc
340 S Lemon Ave #5209
Walnut, CA 91789

If you have any questions e-mail us at or call (510) 833-6676

The Joy of Uncircumcising!
(Second Edition)
by Jim Bigelow, Ph.D.

ISBN 0-934061-22-X
242 pp, 8.5 x 10.

"The author, a Doctor of Psychology, has treated this subject with the skill and sympathy it deserves. Strangely, the vast majority of physicians, who are sworn to use their knowledge and skills to serve the sick and to heal the wounds of humanity have been indifferent to the feelings of injury which circumcision has created in significant numbers of men."  (From the Foreword by James Snyder, M.D.)

"Explosive! This powerful and passionate book will change you mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually, and even politically. Years from now the publication of The Joy of Uncircumcising! will be regarded as a landmark event for the American male. All circumcised men -- get this book."

                    Ronald F. Goldman, M.A.
                    Executive Director, Circumcision Resource Center

"This book...adds a new dimension to the argument against routine circumcision... The evolution of elective circumcision from a method to control masturbation and other 'immoral' sexual behaviors to an accepted, routine medical modality provides an interesting discussion... The psychological and sexual benefits of restoring the foreskin are expounded..."

                    The Journal of the American Medical Association.

"[The book] is based on three premises: that infant circumcision is performed without consent; that circumcision diminishes penile sensation and therefore reduces sexual enjoyment; and that techniques of prepucial reconstruction can restore lost sensitivity to the glans penis... As Dr. Bigelow forcefully points out, there is little evidence that early circumcision confers any health gain to the individual in the longer term."

                    British Medical Journal

"Urologists should read this book, which should make them consider alternatives...before offering circumcision..."

                    British Journal of Urology

"Jim Bigelow provides a profound service for the general public, for parents, physicians, and hopefully, most of all, for future generations of infant boys. In this multi-faceted, well-researched and clearly written book, he leaves no stone unturned... [It] provides abundant facts and information necessary to include circumcision in any discussion of child abuse."

                   The Journal of Orgonomy

"Most plastic surgeons will be surprised and many will be distressed at the information and arguments presented in this book... Particularly valuable are the insights on why some men feel so strongly about the desirability of the uncircumcised penis... It is an excellent introduction to a subject too long absent in plastic surgical literature."

                    Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

"In reading this book, one is forced to examine his/her own feelings about circumcision... [It] challenges us to think about new issues such as men's rights and foreskin restoration."

                    Journal of Nurse-Midwifery

What restoring men are saying:

"I wish I would have known about it (nonsurgical restoration) before. It is simple and inexpensive."

"I thought at first that this would never work, but over the past five weeks the skin has indeed started stretching and has loosened up quite a bit."

"Wonderful! I have had great success. This method is so comfortable I hardly know I'm doing it."

"I've been restoring for almost two months and it's hard to believe, but sex is getting better. I actually have more feeling. It's great."

"After the coverage, I noticed that I was getting more, let's say, delicious feeling during sex with my wife."

"I'm restoring my foreskin because I was born with one, and damn it, I'm going to die with one.


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