Low Cost Device Using a Funnel 


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If you would like more information on this device (either making or using it) please contact Mithras at mithrasinvictus@yahoo.ca

What follows in an example of a low cost restoration device that can be made for very little cost. It is made from a plastic funnel which can be found in the kitchen section of most grocery stores and uses a few basic home improvement tools.

When looking for a funnel, look for one of the more traditional 'cone' shaped ones as shown in the picture above, instead of a 'bowl' shaped one. Also look inside and make sure there are not raised ribs or bumps. This part goes against the glans so you want it smooth. The large cone part is cut off with an Exacto knife or a fine tooth hack saw as shown in the following photo.

Then smooth off the cut edge with emory cloth, sand paper or some other abrasive surface (nail file). You want to make sure all the burrs are removed as this goes onto your glans. You can also cover the cut edge with a narrow band of tape. Place the cone over the glans, and roll the loose skin up over the outside of the cone, and close down the skin opening with a wrap of 3/8" medical grade tape (see our section in the FAQs on medical tapes). At the start, this may involve pushing the glans inside the skin tube more than rolling the skin up over the funnel. If this is the case don't worry, in a few weeks you will have enough loose skin to roll it over the funnel. If the cone raises a line under the skin, this will be a high point and rub on your clothes which could cause injury. Make sure the cone is cut small enough that it does not raise a ridge, yet large enough the cone will not pull (or get pushed) out the end of the skin tube. 

In the picture above you can see two examples of this device, one with with a key ring swivel attached (after drilling a hole for it). This allows the device to be used with weights attached or an elastic strap. The one without the key ring swivel provides passive stretching by keeping the skin under minimal tension (except during nocturnal erections) and also keeps the glans covered and moist. You can pee through the device without having to remove it or getting the tape wet. 

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